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Teenz: The RULES

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Teenz: The RULES Empty Teenz: The RULES

Post by Dumbledore27 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:53 pm

The part I hate the most when making forums, but we can't run a forum without, can we?
These are the official rules of Teenz Forums
1.) Do not post any images including nudity or improper content.
2.) Do not (attempt to) act as a staff member (moderate others).
3.) Do not curse, whether it's meant to be offensive or not.
4.) You may only advertise in the advertising sections.
5.) Respect every member here.
6.) Do not post illegal links or downloads.
7.) Try avoiding leet speak (L337)
8.) Do not use bold or coloured text, it is reserved for staff.
9.) Do not post any racist, sexist, pornographic or violent content.
10.) Do not make two topics about the same thing.
11.) Do not abuse the report system.
12.) Do not advertise via PM.
13.) Do not create multiple accounts.
14.) All posts must be in English.
15.) You can quit the forum by letting us know, but all your advertisements, requests and active topics will be locked.
16.) You can't advertise until you have been registered for 7 days.

We also have the punishment system: Warning bars and bans. For every misbehaviour, you will get one warning to your warning bar. Once you are on red, you will be banned when you get another warning.

First time, the ban will last for a week, next time for a month and next time, it'll be permanent.

Thank you for your understanding. Smile

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